Here’s a little side by side for you; a visual as they say. You’ll see what I over came once, and am now attempting to do again!!

You may be wondering WHY I gained the weight back, WHY I am on the fit track again, WHY didn’t I just keep it off. Well, lets just say my life is a complex one. I am happily married as I stated, and I love being a mom to my son Noah. My life however does contain a contant level of stress as my husband and I seek to raise our son who was diagnosed with moderate/severe autism at the age of 2 1/2 years. Many times my attempts at “eating healthy” where short bursts of time when my son was doing well. Unfortunately, I let my health go by the wayside when he was struggling. So part of this journey (again), is dealing with the reality that my son’s disability isn’t going to go away and I need to implement a workable way to eat healthy, exercise and keep my mind engaged in the things that truly matter!