Hi Everyone!

A friend asked me earlier whether I was going to weigh myself weekly or daily to post… Good question; and here’s my answer.

There’s nothing scientific about it, as a matter of fact it is truly a preference, mine!!  LOL.

Some find weighing daily discouraging to them; if this is you… don’t do it! I’ve realized that part of my journey is doing things myway. I actually find weighing myself daily an encouragement, and sometimes even the kick in the pants I’m needing to get a move on!  You may see a slower drop by weighing daily, but I find that I gain the knowledge needed to get me through each day. 

*Did I blow it the day before with my eating? It’ll show!!

*Did I pass on my exercise and just stay the same weight?

*Did I DO IT RIGHT and experience that goober grin on my face when I yell “oh yeah baby!”

For me, the daily weighing gives me a road map for the day. Do I just need to stay the course and keep doing what I’m doing while shedding the pounds, or do I need to pick up the pace and be serious about what I want from myself… healthy eating, exercise and reaching that goal weight I’ve listed.

What I’m starting to realize, (slowly at times) is that I need to have a workable daily routine for myself. And so do you! So try weighing yourself on a schedule you choose (first thing in the morning)… on a schedule that you set that encourages you to press on!!