Wow! Who would have thought that writing a blog would be so tiring and time consuming. I’ve decided to take my son’s bean bag chair and park myself in front of the fireplace to gain a little perspective on the day.

It started out pretty good. I was down a pound and ready to hit the gym with my trainer. Lunch came and went… another good choice in my homemade turkey meatballs w/ greek yogurt & tahini sauce. Dinner arrived and fresh grilled veggies seemed like a good idea; so why the heck did I have to stuff my face with top ramen and a jalapeño turkey burger from Carl’s Jr? Your guess is as good as mine at the moment.

So back to writing down my thoughts and sharing them with you. My first thought tonight is what is the scale going to say tomorrow? Most likely: “You Idiot! Did you really need the burger, really?”

Secondly, I’m truly loving my workouts! I seem to be finding more victory in gym versus the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t totally fallen off the wagon in just one month. I am just seeing that my harder part of this journey for me is the eating for the sake of eating. We’ll see how tomorrow goes…