Today’s gym time was needed! Stress-relief and over-eating topping the list. As I sit here thinking through what I want to blog about tonight, as well as how, I find myself thinking on an encouragment given to me today on Facebook from an old friend. He told me to learn to say NO! I remember reading it and thinking to myself, “well that’s a NO-brainer!” No pun intended, but it fits! Then I went on to read and take in the second part of his encouragment. He followed his encouragement to “Just say NO,” with “It’s not part of my journey to good health!”

Wow! Can I just say that that made an impact on me. I’ve been blogging here about “my journey” and what that means to me and my future weight, health, etc. Yet it took an old friend, (who doesn’t know I’ve been blogging) to point out that my NO isn’t just to the food that made me fat. My NO is to any thing, food or otherwise that gets in the way of me becoming happy, healthy and fit for my future. My future as a wife to Jack and mom to Noah, our “specially wrapped gift” from God who happens to have autism.

My life is about choice, and consequences. I need to begin making better choices for myself if I expect the consequences not to be the same again…

Happy Health Everyone!!