Well today was my first day using my new “juicer.” It’s funny, it’s does so much more than juice… it smashes, bashes and all together thrashes anything you put in it. I’m actually going to watch the DVD that came with it to see and learn about all the nifty things this BLENDTEC can do!!

For day one however, I started with 2 Cups of almond milk, tossed in boat load of spinach and kale (pulverized it) and then added 1 apple, 1 pear, mango, pineapple, mixed berries and a scoop of protein powder. It was DELISH!! Now convincing my husband of that may take a little longer… I’ll keep you posted on when I actually get him to try it.

The 3 books you see in the picture are 1) The GREEN Smoothies Diet, 2) The Eat Clean Diet & 3) Fresh Blends which came included with the Blendtec. There are so many recipe books out there you can use for your choices of smoothies. These are just a few I’m using.

So why am I even bothering with this whole GREEN MESS of smoothies? Well let’s see, my body is changing at age 46 and the laws of nature are screaming pre-menopause! I figured I better get on board with the whole healthy living idea. OMG! Did she just say menopause out loud? Yup, I surely did! It’s not a secret that ALL women will indeed enjoy this rite of passage sometime in their life. While this isn’t the only change I’m making in my daily eating, it’s one that has multiple benefits including things like:

– weight loss,
– more energy,
-improved sleep,
-blood sugar stabilization,
-decreased cravings for sweets,

and many others as the list is long. The other reason I”m working “smoothies” into my diet is the fact that I can truly add such good, healthy ingredients into my diet on a daily basis. As much as I like spinach salad, there’s no way I could eat that much spinach in one sitting otherwise!!

Well, it’s getting late and the day ahead will be a busy one. Hope you all have a restful sleep!