Today was a relatively routine day in my life. As I sat tonight to write a bit for the blog, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to share. Then it hit me, I wasn’t hungry today! Don’t misunderstand me, I did eat! But the last six months or so all I’ve done is obsess about food. What am I going eat? When am I going to eat? Now that I’ve eaten, when can I eat again? So sitting down on the couch tonight and realizing I didn’t obsess about food all day was sort of exciting!! I feel like I’ve hit one of those milestones we all strive for when working towards a specific goal. Mine being weight loss & healthier eating as a lifestyle change. It was that little push of momentum that a put a smile on my face tonight. This journey isn’t hopeless. It may take some time, but I can do this….

I’ve been reading up on some of my fellow bloggers and their journies as well. What an encouragement to read the stories of others who are travelling a same or similar path that I am on at this point in my life. Hang tough everyone! Keep the encouragements, recipes, exercise tips and more coming…. Why do it alone when there are some many others out there who have so much to offer. Many thanks to you fellow bloggers who have encouraged me merely by stopping by and taking the time to read my ramblings! I hope I can repay you by sending / blogging some encouragment of my own!

Good Night!