My day started out good, a nice relaxing morning w/ a cup O’ joe and a little FB messaging with my bestie Karen. The work-out schedule however got changed around because my son’s aid at school was sick and I had to take him in a little later than usual. That wasn’t all that got a changed up today!

I arrived at 3pm, my adjusted training time.  My friend and trainer Eugene Smith decided I needed a change in my routine. What’s the deal; a day for changes I guess… I headed into the gym and started towards the machines. Eugene keeps walking and so I followed; into the BAG ROOM! What? Really? Okay boss! I’m so glad for a day full of changes. It reminded me of the journey I am on; the journey to change my eating habits, lose weight and live a healthier life. 

So what started out as a change in my schedule (not always good when you have an autistic son) actually turned out to be a real blessing! Here’s how:

-I almost never have a morning at home. Between my son’s school schedule, my training times which have to be done while he’s at school, and the fact that he only attends school 3 hours a day; I don’t often have the luxury of a quiet morning at home. *Sorry for the long run-on sentence.

-The change in time and routine at the gym was a nice little shake-up. Don’t get me wrong, I love my gym time with Eugene. But it was nice to change things up and feel that renewed energy when trying something new. *By the way, I think I’m a boxing junkie now!

All these minor changes today just kept reminding me that that is what life is about on a daily basis. We make changes each and every day, just like we make choices. So I’m going to remember the changes that began today, can spill over into tomorrow. I have a choice to make a change in my life, and I’m going to do it!