Hello friends and fellow bloggers. It’s been a trying week, but one filled with answers as well. For that fact, I am grateful.  Lots to share and not quite sure where to start. I guess I’ll go with my recent health struggles and the weight gain over the last year.  Sometimes life at home can get a little crazy; that’s code for I’m going to eat wrong and gain a lot of weight. Excuses – no, reasons – yes! When you find yourself in the position to raise a special needs son, life changes for the entire family. That has certainly been the case for our family. I’m not saying there are not good, even wonderful times; because there are. It’s just that in times of crisis and meltdown, you tend to put your own needs aside for the needs of your child. In that respect it isn’t much different from raising a typical child. It’s just that the intensity can be overwhelming when dealing with a child with moderate/severe autism. At times you don’t even see the meltdown coming, you turn your head and it’s upon you!! It’s like taking a peaceful walk through the forest, and then WHAMO, you get hit by a truck!! You’re thinking “what the hel…, where did that just come from….?” Back to the craziness at hand, the part that has grown this woman from 150 to 206 pounds in a little over a year!!

Health issues: Well I finally got the ALL the results back from the nurse practitioner I’ve been seeing; she’s an amazing lady by the way!! It appears that I am extremely gluten intolerant and my thyroid levels extremely low; hence the name hypo-thyroid and I’M GAINING WEIGHT! She also mentioned that my gut health looked terrible and I’ll be starting a prescription strength pro-biotic to help put some healthy bacteria back into my system. I also began taking a bio-identical thyroid medication this morning (for the first time) called Armor Thyroid. It is a natural version of thyroid medication closest to the human bodies. It’s the last part that I’m most worried about, the gluten intolerant part… Why am I worried? It goes back to what I was describing for you in raising a child with special needs. The daunting task of completely changing my diet and reading every label scares me. It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s just that I am already overwhelmed with taking care of my son’s needs on a daily basis. O’, and did I mention, he only goes to school about 3 hours a day??? It doesn’t leave me much time to do the basics, let alone adding one more thing to the list.

I’m trying not to be down. I have the answers I need regarding my health. I have options! For that, I am grateful. Wish me luck, it appears my gluten free adventure is starting! For those fellow bloggers who might have this same issue; I would appreciate any/all advise from recipes to lifestyle changes you’ve made….

Many thanks!!