Well here we all are after a grueling 9-5pm class yesterday becoming INSANITY Certified Instructors!!

I was amazed and impressed by the Master Instructors and my fellow students. Wow!! Those folks kicked butt. I felt like a measely piker compared to most of my fellow INSANITY folks. But “Wow,” what a work-out both physically and mentally! They sure didn’t make it easy on the written test. I’d forgotten how long ago high school was and what a lousy test taker I was back then… I’m still trying to decide which was harder, the work-out or the written test… I’m joking! All things aside, the physical demands were by far the hardest thing I have ever done! And I by no means performed at the level of the instructors or most of the class. I was challanged to go beyond what I thought possible for my body. I am excited for the next round and look forward to taking myself to the next level as I continue both my weight loss and exercise/fitness goals.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!