Well my birthday has passed and it’s time to get back on track. I didn’t fall completely off the wagon, but I did allow myself a few birthday treats. Funny thing, I’m ready to just eat healthy and work-out. I think it’s those “cheat days” or whatever you call them that helps you appreciate how good you feel when you’re putting in the heathly fuel that your body needs… 

I’m actually craving this broccoli salad that I’ve had a few times lately! I think maybe it’s on the menu for lunch today! 

I’ve been thinking of doubling my cardio input for a time. I really enjoy my weight training and boxing, but find that when I’m at a plateau, it’s usually the cardio that gives me that extra burn I’m needing to push myself a little farther. 

We had a bad tank of fuel in our car the other day. It made me think of my body, of how I felt after some “birthday treats.” It wasn’t the greatest. Our car seemed to sputter on and off all day until it finally rid itself (or burned off) the bad gas!! * Ewww, bad gas!! Sorry, bathroom humor and I couldn’t help myself… if you can’t laugh at your own jokes, who will???

On a serious note, something as little as a bad tank of gas brought the point home for me. What goes in, affects the performance that comes out. I can’t expect my body to respond outstandingly if I don’t give it the fuel it needs. I’m still going to enjoy a birthday treat occassionally, but my daily fuel will be of a more healthier choice! So I’m off to have an amazing broccoli salad! Have a great day everyone!!Image /