Well I just trashed the blog I’ve been writing since last night. It stunk. It rambled. It raved! So here I sit while the clock ticks away and I have but an hour alone before my hubby and son come home. Oh yeah, and I have to be ready as my hubs is taking me out on a date. But I just can’t seem to pull myself away from here….

You saw my brief post about getting the official word on my INSANITY Certification. I was so excited! I’m not sure why other than I accomplished something and it made me happy. This week has had its up and downs and I just needed that little something happy start my weekend.  I won’t go into a long story (that’s what I did on the other blog I trashed), but suffice it to say that this past week had its share of ups and downs. The hardest being a young man lost his life at the park down the road from my house, and my husband was one of the men trying to save him with CPR/mouth to mouth. It was the most overwhelming time as we met with the parents the next day. The came to thank for husband for doing all he could, even though their son still left this world. The wanted to see one of the men who were with him when he died. I’m not trying to leave you all down, but I wanted to share how much this event impacted me and my family. How much we have all talked and discussed endless things in light of what happened to this young man:  One moment he was here, then he was gone!

Of my struggles this past year; dealing w/ pubescent autistic teen, husbands job loss and my 50 lb. weight gain, I realised how secondary those things are when not put in their proper place. I’m not saying what’s been happening in my life isn’t important, it is!! But when things like this happen so unexpectedly, it causes most of us to reflect.  It did me.

So what am I saying? Simple.

*Enjoy life.

*Live it well. 

*Live it with purpose.

*Take care of the mind as well as the body.

*Love others.

*Take nothing for granted.

*Appreciate everything.

Prepare yourself for a happy ending!! I am.

F2F2F aka,

Jewels, Jules, Julie, Bentley…