“Excuses Don’t Burn Calories.”

Oh man how true that statement is to me! I’ve come up with pretty much every excuse under the sun, and then some…

I think we’ve probably all done at one time or another. But at the end of the day were back to my beginning statement:

“Excuses Don’t Burn Calories.”

So why is it so darn hard to just get up and go exercise; yet easy as pie to find one more reason not to??? Your guess is as good as mine!

What I do know, is that I do have the ability to try again, and again, and again if that’s what it takes for me to succeed.

If it’s worth having, it’s worth working for…. sometimes in this process I’ve grown weary. I’ve wondered why it had to be so hard. Appreciation comes to mind. I’ve taken alot for granted in my life. Always being thin was one of those things! Then life happended. I went from worrying about nothing, to worrying about everything.

There’s an old saying of sorts that goes something like this: “if the road is always easy, we never truly appreciate the destination.” Sometimes (many times) the road is hard, it’s bumpy and the way riddled with pot holes. It’s during these times that I often want to give up. Many times I did. But then there is this small spot in the back of my head that keeps pushing me to get up again. To dust off my work-out shoes, put away the NUTELLA and get back at it. I truly hope that my blog today isn’t discouraging to anyone; it’s not meant to be.

What it is meant to be is honest; and encouraging. We all have our moments of weakness, our moments of stress and trial. But we each have endless opportunities to try again. And again. So that maybe the day will come when we find our healthy routines have become a healthy habit and way of life; not just an 8-week plan to lose weight. For myself, I need to truly grasp that my journey to weight-loss is merely part of an overall lifestyle change towards being the best I can be: inside and out!

I’m ready to get back to work.