ME! I Will Beat Her!!

Hi Everyone!

Well it’s been a couple of crazy weeks, and it won’t slow down a bit for another several weeks. I can’t complain as it’s been mostly good; but it has definitely had me on my toes!!

Jack and I were able to get away for a week together while my mum stayed with Noah here at home. What a blessing! Sweet relaxation and even faithful gym time. I only missed one day and that was our day of rest while we enjoyed a church service on the beach!! Amazing!!

I did what most of us do on vacation, I ate some things I shouldn’t have… I will say I am still down 13 pounds from my starting. Gym time alone and with trainer has been profitable. The cardio is helping me trim down while my trainer keeps those muscles in line as I build and work on my definition. I am a lucky girl to have such great support at home and the gym.

I wanted to share with you the pic I added to this post. My dear friend Janet sent this to me and I found it incredibly encouraging as it reminded me once again that the issues I face (for the most part) are not those given to me by others, but by my own choice at times to DO NOTHING!

I have my goals. I have my menus. I have my strength. Getting my head in the game and keeping it there is that constant internal struggle with which I deal each and every day. So here’s to US, here’s to waking each morning with a renewed sense of taking care of ourselves inside & out!!