Hi Everyone! My name is Julie, but many of my friends call me either “Jewels” or “Bentley.”  I started this blog in January, 2013. I’ve decided to blog my journey through weightloss and healthy eating. I’ve been the super in-shape girl, the fat girl, and even the in-between-girl. Now I just want to be the “heatlhy girl” who enjoys her life and family while taking care of my health and my future! Join me with encouragement, ideas, recipes and many other bloggers who desire a healthier life… Hugs, Jewels

Short and sweet is good; but I’m feeling like a little more information on who I am and who I want to be will be helpful to fellow bloggers as they read, support and join me as we each strive to reach our goals on our individual journies. So here’s a little extra me information….

I am 46 year old married mom to a special needs son named Noah. My husband Jack is an awesome guy and my best friend, along with my dear BFF Karen who writes the Yes! Chef! Blog. My son is 13 now and was diagnosed at the age of 2 1/2 years old with autism. He truly is my life in every sense of the word. That being said, sometimes this mom forgets that a healthy mom is more effective than an unhealthy one. Why do I mention this fact? Because many times I will try and have tried to put my own needs aside in order to be what I thought was a better mom. What I’ve discovered is that ignoring my own needs just leads to a grumpy, over-weight, stressed out mom! It’s not a pretty picture and doesn’t make for a happy wife either!! I’ve been fortunate over the years to have been able to hide alot; both emotionally and physically. I’m 5’9″  and can carry about 200 lbs before it really becomes obvious to others that I’ve put on a few pounds! Some people even now find it hard to believe I weigh over 200!! That’s not a fact I’m proud of or want to continue to hold bragging rights to in the future. So here I go: I hope you’ll join me on my journey. Jewels