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That Discipline Thing!

Today has brought a turning point in my journey. I’m not sure which “thing” turned, or how it turned; but turned it did! You know how you look at yourself in the mirror but you don’t see the visual you’d expected. You see YOU, the real YOU in all your rawness. Forget the clothes, the make-up (ladies’) and the accessories; what you see is YOU. Untouched, the original, a maturing piece of artwork created by God. But what I do so many times is look at the unfinished product and let myself believe that’s as good as it gets. I stop trying out of frustration and a hopeless feeling that nothing is going to change. I’ve been seeing a PA (physician’s assistant) and a NP (nurse practitioner) for a health overhaul so to speak… I feel like I’m learning as much about my self mentally and spiritually as I am physically. It’s an entire package. Trying to separate them out and only work on one has, well, NOT WORKED!  I am a complete package. It all goes together and I need to treat it as such.  I realize there’s no magic pill, saying or encouragement that is going to change everything in one fell swoop.  I’ve been thinking about this all weekend. I hope I’m not just rambling on and on, but I was encouraged over the past few days from various sources that I want to push forward. I want to keep on keeping on as the old saying goes. I am grateful to each of you blog writers. You inspire me, push me and give me (unknowingly many times) the needed tools to keep it up!!

Thank you! Enjoy your Monday!!



Visual Encouragment!

Visual Encouragment!

I’ve been thinking today about what encourages me to stay the course. The words just weren’t coming together in a cooherant sentance. Then I realized, I’m very visual. I like to see things, see results. Make sense?

Anyway, it just hit me that I needed to SEE something to keep me focused on the goal at hand. So this photo is my focus… It was taken about 2 years ago by my best friend and professional photographer Karen Schmautz of “Sierra Springs Photograghy.”

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