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Skinny COW?

Skinny COW?

I get the point of the brand name Skinny Cow, but seriously folks? This is NOT helping folks like me to get skinny. Yes their less calories, maybe even a few less grams of fat; but over all their still a diet killer… still hate saying “diet,” but couldn’t think of another good word to use in it’s place. I’m trying to live a healthy and cleaner (food speaking) life while enjoying the freshness of the food grown by hand and made without preservatives. I’m not successful 100% of the time. I struggle with keeping my eating priorities where they should be… I could list a million + reasons/excuses why, but it wouldn’t change anything. Until my desire to live a healthier life is stronger than my desire for my immediate need to be met, success and clean living won’t be mine. It’s a choice. It’s my choice. No one out there can make it for me. It’s mine alone to choose. I’ve been given some great encouragement lately and thought I’d end this post with a quote by Oscar Wilde.

“What often seem like bitter trials, are often blessings in disguise!”


Gym Support!

Gym Support!

Summertime is here and it brings a lot of needed babysitting support. We (myself and fellow weight-loss bloggers) talk a lot about what works for us, what DOESN’T work for us, good & bad foods, good & bads days…. it’s a lot. But what I thought of this morning while weighing in and figuring out the day was how much I am truly supported on my journey. There is not a day that goes by that I am not supported in one way or another by hubby, son, family friend or life-long BFF while I make this trek to a healthier me. So as I sit here planning the day… wondering if indeed I will make it to the gym amongst my myriad of duties today; I’m remembering to be grateful.

So to my husband Jack: you are the most fantastic man I know. You have loved me for nearly 23 years and supported me throughout weight ranges of 135-215!! You learned the hard way how to help me (or not) when I struggled with my issues! Mostly, however you have been there… day in, day out, and never leaving. For that, I will forever be grateful. I love you!

To my dear BFF Karen Schmautz (of the fabulous blog “Yes, Chef!”) Thank you for 20+ years of friendship. For sharing your “couch” with me through many tears and much laughter. Your enduring friendship and love have meant the world to me and I am blessed to call you friend.

To my son Noah, & big Bro’ Christian: you two have given me so many reasons (mostly good! LOL) to understand unconditional love. It wasn’t something I understood as I do now, until you both entered my life. Thank you. My love for you will always be the shining bright spot in my life. You and your father have made me truly happy.

Lastly, my Father in Heaven who gave me a new life. Who helped me understand that even on the darkest of days, I am never alone.




I call this my “motivated look!” My BFF and photographer calls it my “mad look!” Or maybe even “mean look;” I can’t remember exactly. She can feel free to comment here and give you all the real scoop!

Either way, I found this photo so encouraging this morning. I am on my way to the gym. My back is on the mend and I’m feeling that sense of “I can do this… I know I can!”

This photo was taken 35 lbs. ago. I’m on my way, but I need your support. Thank you all for your stories, good and bad that have lifted me up when I needed it and given me the push to keep going, or try again!

Have a wonderful Saturday my friends!

Down n’ Dirty Mud Run

Down n' Dirty Mud Run

I did it! We did it! Wow!! Just wow!! What an amazing day, but what a hard day. I had no idea it would be as challanging as it was, but Jack and I had a blast doing it!

What an adrenaline rush and push as we closed in on the finish line. I actually thought a few times, “Am I going to be able to finish this thing?” Gratefully, I did with a time of 1 hour & 15 minutes; Jack finishing with a whopping 59 min. & 04 seconds. Totally proud of my guy and so grateful for his support and encouragement in doing this mud run.

Not only did we challange ourselves physically, but were where there in support of “Operation Gratitude,” a non-profit helping our military men & women. It was a great day and a great opportunity to exercise our bodies, challange our minds and serve a great group of people who serve us!!

200 Pounds!

Here I am my friends. I am 5 foot 9, 200 pounds and losing. I have a goal weight of 150 pounds. I know I have a way to go, but am looking forward to my journey to a healthier life.


“Im so excited!”

Who would have thought I’d be excited about weigh-in day; but I am!! I keep looking at the day/date and want Monday to be here so I can officially put down my weight for the week. Here’s a sneak peek: I hit 200.8 today. I have set that first step goal as under 200. I am praying that by Monday I can reached the 1’s… but I am also trusting and continuing to work and eat healthy knowing that it doesn’t come off overnight.

It’s just so nice to have gotten my mojo back! I truly am grateful to my medical team who have endlessly tested and come up with a healthy and doable lifestyle change for me.

I laughed (out loud) at myself while shopping at SPROUTS yesterday. For those of you catching up, I am now in process of learning to eat gluten-free at the strong suggestion of my N.P. at Pat News Health Care. While foraging through the rather large gluten-free section of the store, I come across gluten-free french fries. I’m not eating french fries! I do, however have a 13-year-old son w/autism who lives on them. So I (laughed) and thought… what the hey, let’s give it a try!! I’m happy to report; that after much scrutinizing and poking, HE ATE THEM!! It was a win win for mom!!

Okay, back to the excitement of weighing in… Who would have thought, right? But here I am on Thursday afternoon wishing it were Monday so that I could “officially” blog my weight. I guess I’ll take the joys when they come. So here’s to Monday… but here’s also to tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and ……

It’s a journey. It’s my journey. I’m so glad to be sharing it with each of you. Thank you for sharing yours with me.


That Discipline Thing!

Today has brought a turning point in my journey. I’m not sure which “thing” turned, or how it turned; but turned it did! You know how you look at yourself in the mirror but you don’t see the visual you’d expected. You see YOU, the real YOU in all your rawness. Forget the clothes, the make-up (ladies’) and the accessories; what you see is YOU. Untouched, the original, a maturing piece of artwork created by God. But what I do so many times is look at the unfinished product and let myself believe that’s as good as it gets. I stop trying out of frustration and a hopeless feeling that nothing is going to change. I’ve been seeing a PA (physician’s assistant) and a NP (nurse practitioner) for a health overhaul so to speak… I feel like I’m learning as much about my self mentally and spiritually as I am physically. It’s an entire package. Trying to separate them out and only work on one has, well, NOT WORKED!  I am a complete package. It all goes together and I need to treat it as such.  I realize there’s no magic pill, saying or encouragement that is going to change everything in one fell swoop.  I’ve been thinking about this all weekend. I hope I’m not just rambling on and on, but I was encouraged over the past few days from various sources that I want to push forward. I want to keep on keeping on as the old saying goes. I am grateful to each of you blog writers. You inspire me, push me and give me (unknowingly many times) the needed tools to keep it up!!

Thank you! Enjoy your Monday!!


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