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“Excuses Don’t Burn Calories.”

Oh man how true that statement is to me! I’ve come up with pretty much every excuse under the sun, and then some…

I think we’ve probably all done at one time or another. But at the end of the day were back to my beginning statement:

“Excuses Don’t Burn Calories.”

So why is it so darn hard to just get up and go exercise; yet easy as pie to find one more reason not to??? Your guess is as good as mine!

What I do know, is that I do have the ability to try again, and again, and again if that’s what it takes for me to succeed.

If it’s worth having, it’s worth working for…. sometimes in this process I’ve grown weary. I’ve wondered why it had to be so hard. Appreciation comes to mind. I’ve taken alot for granted in my life. Always being thin was one of those things! Then life happended. I went from worrying about nothing, to worrying about everything.

There’s an old saying of sorts that goes something like this: “if the road is always easy, we never truly appreciate the destination.” Sometimes (many times) the road is hard, it’s bumpy and the way riddled with pot holes. It’s during these times that I often want to give up. Many times I did. But then there is this small spot in the back of my head that keeps pushing me to get up again. To dust off my work-out shoes, put away the NUTELLA and get back at it. I truly hope that my blog today isn’t discouraging to anyone; it’s not meant to be.

What it is meant to be is honest; and encouraging. We all have our moments of weakness, our moments of stress and trial. But we each have endless opportunities to try again. And again. So that maybe the day will come when we find our healthy routines have become a healthy habit and way of life; not just an 8-week plan to lose weight. For myself, I need to truly grasp that my journey to weight-loss is merely part of an overall lifestyle change towards being the best I can be: inside and out!

I’m ready to get back to work.


Good Fuel vs. Bad Fuel

Well my birthday has passed and it’s time to get back on track. I didn’t fall completely off the wagon, but I did allow myself a few birthday treats. Funny thing, I’m ready to just eat healthy and work-out. I think it’s those “cheat days” or whatever you call them that helps you appreciate how good you feel when you’re putting in the heathly fuel that your body needs… 

I’m actually craving this broccoli salad that I’ve had a few times lately! I think maybe it’s on the menu for lunch today! 

I’ve been thinking of doubling my cardio input for a time. I really enjoy my weight training and boxing, but find that when I’m at a plateau, it’s usually the cardio that gives me that extra burn I’m needing to push myself a little farther. 

We had a bad tank of fuel in our car the other day. It made me think of my body, of how I felt after some “birthday treats.” It wasn’t the greatest. Our car seemed to sputter on and off all day until it finally rid itself (or burned off) the bad gas!! * Ewww, bad gas!! Sorry, bathroom humor and I couldn’t help myself… if you can’t laugh at your own jokes, who will???

On a serious note, something as little as a bad tank of gas brought the point home for me. What goes in, affects the performance that comes out. I can’t expect my body to respond outstandingly if I don’t give it the fuel it needs. I’m still going to enjoy a birthday treat occassionally, but my daily fuel will be of a more healthier choice! So I’m off to have an amazing broccoli salad! Have a great day everyone!!Image /

~ One Tough Chick ~

~ One Tough Chick ~

Okay, so I borrowed my trainer’s name for me… but I’m giving him credit. Thank you “Mr. Get Navy Fit Smith!” Your friendship as well as fitness leadership have really encouraged me to keep it up!

Working on your fitness is a daily job. You don’t just lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life by returning to the couch. It’s hard! It’s darn hard sometimes. I know it, and you all know it too. I think that’s the hardest part for most people; “keeping their head in the game.” I know it is for me when my home life is stress central. No one has to be (quote), doing anything wrong… life just gets crazy at times and we lose focus.

I’m being reminded daily by loved ones and friends alike that my journey isn’t a one-time deal and then it’s back to the TWINKIES! No, this journey of mine (or new life-style) is one of healthly living. That includes everything from the choices I make in eating, to those in my fitness routine and daily living. I don’t want to be on a DIET for the rest of my life. I want to learn and maintain a healthy outlook on the choices I make in my life.

A dear friend said to me the other day that my “mind” will check out long before my body does… Now he was referring to my fitness goals, but I also interpretted it this way: I can give up after one mistake, or I can use that mistake to learn, grow and further my goals for a healthy and happy life.

I’m going to go will the latter. I want to live A HAPPY & HEALTHY LIFE.

Certification THIS Saturday!!

Certification THIS Saturday!!

Just a quick post to ask: Should I? It’s right up my ally and would give me the motivation to keep up with my own work-outs. I’m throwing this out there for your thoughts, should you mind posting them… The cost is $250 for the full certification. Money is tight lately and I don’t want to just throw it away.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Down n’ Dirty Mud Run

Down n' Dirty Mud Run

I did it! We did it! Wow!! Just wow!! What an amazing day, but what a hard day. I had no idea it would be as challanging as it was, but Jack and I had a blast doing it!

What an adrenaline rush and push as we closed in on the finish line. I actually thought a few times, “Am I going to be able to finish this thing?” Gratefully, I did with a time of 1 hour & 15 minutes; Jack finishing with a whopping 59 min. & 04 seconds. Totally proud of my guy and so grateful for his support and encouragement in doing this mud run.

Not only did we challange ourselves physically, but were where there in support of “Operation Gratitude,” a non-profit helping our military men & women. It was a great day and a great opportunity to exercise our bodies, challange our minds and serve a great group of people who serve us!!

Race Day is Here!

Race Day is Here!

Tomorrow is the day everybody! It’s the Down N’ Dirty Mud Run put on by Subaru with Merrill and REI. Here’s the link if you want to check it out. This is the first one of the season. There’s a few more around the states, check them out!!

The will be the first 5k I’ve done in a few years since gaining back a lot of my weight. I am not where I want to be, but I have put in hard work getting back on track and am excited about the race! My hubby Jack is a trooper and joining me on the course. I’ll be posting pics after the race. I’m sure they’ll prove to be both muddy and fun-filled!

Wish me luck!


“Im so excited!”

Who would have thought I’d be excited about weigh-in day; but I am!! I keep looking at the day/date and want Monday to be here so I can officially put down my weight for the week. Here’s a sneak peek: I hit 200.8 today. I have set that first step goal as under 200. I am praying that by Monday I can reached the 1’s… but I am also trusting and continuing to work and eat healthy knowing that it doesn’t come off overnight.

It’s just so nice to have gotten my mojo back! I truly am grateful to my medical team who have endlessly tested and come up with a healthy and doable lifestyle change for me.

I laughed (out loud) at myself while shopping at SPROUTS yesterday. For those of you catching up, I am now in process of learning to eat gluten-free at the strong suggestion of my N.P. at Pat News Health Care. While foraging through the rather large gluten-free section of the store, I come across gluten-free french fries. I’m not eating french fries! I do, however have a 13-year-old son w/autism who lives on them. So I (laughed) and thought… what the hey, let’s give it a try!! I’m happy to report; that after much scrutinizing and poking, HE ATE THEM!! It was a win win for mom!!

Okay, back to the excitement of weighing in… Who would have thought, right? But here I am on Thursday afternoon wishing it were Monday so that I could “officially” blog my weight. I guess I’ll take the joys when they come. So here’s to Monday… but here’s also to tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and ……

It’s a journey. It’s my journey. I’m so glad to be sharing it with each of you. Thank you for sharing yours with me.


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