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Fragments of thoughts…

Why is it that when I do actually have a few moments to write, that the words won’t come out? All these fragments of thoughts roaming around my head and I’m unable to put them into a coherent sentence. It kinda feels like that in my weight-loss journey; or lack thereof.

I have moments of strength and many more moments of weakness. I haven’t been able to find that place, that encouragement, that determination that I had way back when… I’m afraid I’ve hit that point of no return and I’m scared! Funny thing? I don’t really think it’s about the weight. I think the weight gain is merely an outward sign of what’s going on inside my head. Too bad there isn’t a diet that can fix head problems!! If someone ever does invent it; they’ll be rich!! Maybe I should work on it?!?

It’s funny, sitting here typing and my mind wandered to all that I have to be thankful for in both my life as a whole and my journey to being a healthier me. I have good marriage with a supportive husband. I have a step-son and grandchildren who make me grateful to be “family,” and last but not least a wonderful son, who despite his autism makes my life a joy! It’s hard though, many times the things/people in our lives that bring us the most joy also bring us the hardest challenges. Knowing and finding that fine line of ‘holding it together’ and pushing/praying through the hard times is that place that many times I lose site of…

To be continued…




Well here we all are after a grueling 9-5pm class yesterday becoming INSANITY Certified Instructors!!

I was amazed and impressed by the Master Instructors and my fellow students. Wow!! Those folks kicked butt. I felt like a measely piker compared to most of my fellow INSANITY folks. But “Wow,” what a work-out both physically and mentally! They sure didn’t make it easy on the written test. I’d forgotten how long ago high school was and what a lousy test taker I was back then… I’m still trying to decide which was harder, the work-out or the written test… I’m joking! All things aside, the physical demands were by far the hardest thing I have ever done! And I by no means performed at the level of the instructors or most of the class. I was challanged to go beyond what I thought possible for my body. I am excited for the next round and look forward to taking myself to the next level as I continue both my weight loss and exercise/fitness goals.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!

Another Day Another Dollar!

Another Day Another Dollar!

Core day at the gym was rough! It was rough, but it was good. I’m trying so hard to take my frustration out at the gym. My weight seems to be steadily going nowhere. I know this is a battle; but I’m struggling so hard with a “what’s the point” attitude. Nothing I seem to be doing is helping… I know this is but a moment and a downward one at that; but I said I’d be honest in my blogging throughout 2013 and my journey of weight-loss. So here it is; frustration at its lowest.

Failure Pic!


Working towards the hootspa’ I used to have in believing what this pic says…. Noah to school, mom to Wal~Mart and I to the gym with my trainer!!

Cotton Candy or Easter Peeps?

Cotton Candy or Easter Peeps?

Today was a great first day back at the gym now that my long, lost trainer has re-appeared! *Just teasing Mr. Eugene. Those of you that read my previous blog know that Mr. Eugene was off on a 2 week commitment to our Navy!! Now he’s back and I’m grateful….

Had to post this pick from today’s training session. Eugene and I laughed like crazy when we realized our shirt colored looked like the original cotton candy colors; not to mention the all too famous PEEPS that are appearing in your local grocery store now in time for Easter…

Enjoy a good laugh!! We did!!

To Gym or Not to Gym?

To Gym or Not to Gym?

Hmm’? I’ll be back on track with my trainer tomorrow. I can’t believe he left for two weeks as a Navy Reservist!! Just kidding! I am very proud of the service my trainer has given and continues to give my country. Not only is he an out-standing trainer, he’s also an amazing human being!! Thanks Eugene Lyle Smith!

I’ll be back at it officially tomorrow morning. I truly cannot wait. One of the best things (besides their knowledge) a trainer can give you is their respect and encouragment. Eugene provides both for me. So here’s to tomorrow morning; let the training begin…

Execise Change-up Day!



My day started out good, a nice relaxing morning w/ a cup O’ joe and a little FB messaging with my bestie Karen. The work-out schedule however got changed around because my son’s aid at school was sick and I had to take him in a little later than usual. That wasn’t all that got a changed up today!

I arrived at 3pm, my adjusted training time.  My friend and trainer Eugene Smith decided I needed a change in my routine. What’s the deal; a day for changes I guess… I headed into the gym and started towards the machines. Eugene keeps walking and so I followed; into the BAG ROOM! What? Really? Okay boss! I’m so glad for a day full of changes. It reminded me of the journey I am on; the journey to change my eating habits, lose weight and live a healthier life. 

So what started out as a change in my schedule (not always good when you have an autistic son) actually turned out to be a real blessing! Here’s how:

-I almost never have a morning at home. Between my son’s school schedule, my training times which have to be done while he’s at school, and the fact that he only attends school 3 hours a day; I don’t often have the luxury of a quiet morning at home. *Sorry for the long run-on sentence.

-The change in time and routine at the gym was a nice little shake-up. Don’t get me wrong, I love my gym time with Eugene. But it was nice to change things up and feel that renewed energy when trying something new. *By the way, I think I’m a boxing junkie now!

All these minor changes today just kept reminding me that that is what life is about on a daily basis. We make changes each and every day, just like we make choices. So I’m going to remember the changes that began today, can spill over into tomorrow. I have a choice to make a change in my life, and I’m going to do it!



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