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Gym Support!

Gym Support!

Summertime is here and it brings a lot of needed babysitting support. We (myself and fellow weight-loss bloggers) talk a lot about what works for us, what DOESN’T work for us, good & bad foods, good & bads days…. it’s a lot. But what I thought of this morning while weighing in and figuring out the day was how much I am truly supported on my journey. There is not a day that goes by that I am not supported in one way or another by hubby, son, family friend or life-long BFF while I make this trek to a healthier me. So as I sit here planning the day… wondering if indeed I will make it to the gym amongst my myriad of duties today; I’m remembering to be grateful.

So to my husband Jack: you are the most fantastic man I know. You have loved me for nearly 23 years and supported me throughout weight ranges of 135-215!! You learned the hard way how to help me (or not) when I struggled with my issues! Mostly, however you have been there… day in, day out, and never leaving. For that, I will forever be grateful. I love you!

To my dear BFF Karen Schmautz (of the fabulous blog “Yes, Chef!”) Thank you for 20+ years of friendship. For sharing your “couch” with me through many tears and much laughter. Your enduring friendship and love have meant the world to me and I am blessed to call you friend.

To my son Noah, & big Bro’ Christian: you two have given me so many reasons (mostly good! LOL) to understand unconditional love. It wasn’t something I understood as I do now, until you both entered my life. Thank you. My love for you will always be the shining bright spot in my life. You and your father have made me truly happy.

Lastly, my Father in Heaven who gave me a new life. Who helped me understand that even on the darkest of days, I am never alone.




Sometimes we take the things we love the most for granted. Treasure the simple gifts each and every day!


My Inspiration(s).

My Inspiration(s).

I’m so grateful!

Just WOw!!

Just WOw!!

Hi Everyone!! It’s been a whirlwind week; but I survived! In the last seven days I’ve been to N. California to help my bestie with her daughter’s wedding shower, managed to stay below the 200 mark on my weight loss goals, find out someone I love may relocate to Cali and also (although overwhelmed) realized that I can do this thing called life. In part, thanks to many of you for your friendship, love, support and blog encouragement from fellow travellers on the journey of change. I’ll be posting several photos with brief descriptions. They say sometimes a picture is worth a hundred words; I hope so….

Have a blessed day!

~ One Tough Chick ~

~ One Tough Chick ~

Okay, so I borrowed my trainer’s name for me… but I’m giving him credit. Thank you “Mr. Get Navy Fit Smith!” Your friendship as well as fitness leadership have really encouraged me to keep it up!

Working on your fitness is a daily job. You don’t just lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life by returning to the couch. It’s hard! It’s darn hard sometimes. I know it, and you all know it too. I think that’s the hardest part for most people; “keeping their head in the game.” I know it is for me when my home life is stress central. No one has to be (quote), doing anything wrong… life just gets crazy at times and we lose focus.

I’m being reminded daily by loved ones and friends alike that my journey isn’t a one-time deal and then it’s back to the TWINKIES! No, this journey of mine (or new life-style) is one of healthly living. That includes everything from the choices I make in eating, to those in my fitness routine and daily living. I don’t want to be on a DIET for the rest of my life. I want to learn and maintain a healthy outlook on the choices I make in my life.

A dear friend said to me the other day that my “mind” will check out long before my body does… Now he was referring to my fitness goals, but I also interpretted it this way: I can give up after one mistake, or I can use that mistake to learn, grow and further my goals for a healthy and happy life.

I’m going to go will the latter. I want to live A HAPPY & HEALTHY LIFE.

This is me right now!!

This is me right now!!

I’m the one on the right… Goofy, silly, and pleasantly plump!! I just felt the need to post a current pic after browsing through a few fellow weight-loss bloggers this morning. You see, I really do love life!! I think that’s why I am struggling so lately. I’m normally a happy, fun-loving kinda gal. But this weight thing and (truthfully) pre-menopause thing has really got me in a tizzy… *Is tizzy actually a word?

Anyway; I want my outside and inside (heart) to start reflecting the person I was and who most know me to be… happy, loving life and a woman with a plan… Keep me updated fellow bloggers, your word and encouragement help me to keep on “keeping on….”

“Is it time to eat, AGAIN?”

Today was a relatively routine day in my life. As I sat tonight to write a bit for the blog, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to share. Then it hit me, I wasn’t hungry today! Don’t misunderstand me, I did eat! But the last six months or so all I’ve done is obsess about food. What am I going eat? When am I going to eat? Now that I’ve eaten, when can I eat again? So sitting down on the couch tonight and realizing I didn’t obsess about food all day was sort of exciting!! I feel like I’ve hit one of those milestones we all strive for when working towards a specific goal. Mine being weight loss & healthier eating as a lifestyle change. It was that little push of momentum that a put a smile on my face tonight. This journey isn’t hopeless. It may take some time, but I can do this….

I’ve been reading up on some of my fellow bloggers and their journies as well. What an encouragement to read the stories of others who are travelling a same or similar path that I am on at this point in my life. Hang tough everyone! Keep the encouragements, recipes, exercise tips and more coming…. Why do it alone when there are some many others out there who have so much to offer. Many thanks to you fellow bloggers who have encouraged me merely by stopping by and taking the time to read my ramblings! I hope I can repay you by sending / blogging some encouragment of my own!

Good Night!


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