Why can’t veggies taste like chocolate? I mean really, doesn’t SALTED CHOCOLATE CARAMELS sound yummier than oh, say PARSNIPS???

Silly you say? Maybe. Maybe not!

But let’s be honest, shall we? Even when we’re eating healthy, so many times I (we) look for what is the more flavorful route. Yet I think we’ve managed to train our taste buds to “need” that extra power punch of what we think we need, when in fact we need to get back to basics and truly taste our food rather than just cover it with sauce, spices or “chocolate!”
Flavor comes in all sorts of forms. I think sometimes we need to rediscover for ourselves the true flavor in many of our foods rather than just assume every thing needs help!

Forgive my food ramblings tonight. I just had this in my mind as I noticed myself and many around me always looking for something to put on their food; many times without even tasting it first…

Off to night night land my friends. Sleep well and have a beautiful Friday!!